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CIW Exam 1D0-735 Questions Answers Test Simulator

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1D0-735 Exam Topics

Domain 1: Essential JavaScript Principles and Practices

Identify characteristics of JavaScript and common programming practices.

  • List key JavaScript characteristics, including object-based nature, events, platform-independence, and differences between scripting languages and programming languages.
  • Identify common programming concepts, including objects, properties and methods.
  • Describe various JavaScript versions and flavors, including ECMA standards, JScript and similarities with proprietary scripting languages.
  • Distinguish between server-side and client-side JavaScript applications, including JavaScript interpreters and rendering engines.
  • Describe acceptable coding practices, including appropriate use of comment tags and the <noscript> tag.
  • Examine the evolution of the role of JavaScript in simple Web page design, such as gaming, virtual reality (VR), native development, mobile device scripting and backend development.

Work with variables and data in JavaScript.

  • Use attributes and methods to communicate with users, including the type attribute.
  • Define variables, data types and scope.
  • List keywords and reserved words.
  • Store user input in variables and evaluate for appropriate responses using the console and built-in methods such as alert() and prompt().
  • Distinguish between concatenation and addition.
  • Use Apply operators, including string concatenation ( += ), strict comparison ( === , !==), mathematical precedence and bitwise operators.
  • Demonstrate how to use expressions.
  • Implement simple event handlers, including keyboard, mouse and mobile (gestures or touch) events.

Use JavaScript functions, methods, and events.

  • Define and use methods as functions.
  • Demonstrate the use of various types of functions and function elements including prototype functions, anonymous functions, closure functions, arguments and the use of return values.
  • Distinguish between global and local variables.
  • Use the conditional operator.
  • Identify user events and event handlers.
  • Demonstrate the use of function specific methods including calling, binding and applying.
  • Use built-in functions and cast variables.

Domain 2: Intermediate JavaScript Programming Techniques

Debug and troubleshoot JavaScript code.

  • Demonstrate common steps for debugging JavaScript code, including reviewing code and testing code in different browsers and various devices.
  • Demonstrate how to use various native and supplemental debugging tools, including enabling/disabling display.

Use JavaScript statements to control program flow.

  • Use theif…statement.
  • Use thewhile…statement.
  • Use thedo…whilestatement.
  • Use thefor…statement.
  • Use theforEachstatement.
  • Use thebreakandcontinuestatements.
  • Use theswitch…statement.

Use the JavaScript Document Object Model (DOM).

  • Use JavaScript to manipulate the Document Object Model (DOM).
  • Use thewindowobject of the DOM.
  • Manipulate properties and methods of thedocumentobject within the DOM.
  • Use theimageobject of the DOM, including image rollover creation.
  • Use thehistoryobject of the DOM.
  • Evaluate and change URL information with thelocationobject of the DOM.
  • Use thenavigatorobject of the DOM.
  • Describe virtual DOM.

Use JavaScript language objects and create expressions.

  • Use theStringobject to test user input.
  • Evaluate strings, including use of the length property, and use of theindexOf(),lastIndexOf(),substring()andcharAt()methods.
  • Implement basic regular expressions and theRegExpobject.
  • Use theArrayobject to create more efficient code.
  • Use themap()method.
  • Apply theDateandMathobjects.

Create and use custom JavaScript objects.

  • Create a custom JavaScript object.
  • Define properties and methods of custom objects.
  • Create new object instances.
  • Create client-side arrays using custom objects.
  • Create functions and methods for manipulating client-side arrays.
  • Use the prototype property, concept of classes, constructors, iterators and generators.

Domain 3: Applied JavaScript

Modify HTML with JavaScript.

  • Identify steps and methods for changing HTML "on the fly," including thegetElementById,getElementsByName,getElementsByTagNameandgetElementsByClassNamemethods of the DOM.
  • Modify attributes in HTML using DOM elements.
  • Modify form object values.

Use JavaScript to develop interactive forms.

  • Identify and use form controls, including HTML5 form elements.
  • Define the form object.
  • Refer to form objects, includinginput,text,textarea,radio,checkbox,select,button,password,hidden,fileandsubmit
  • Use form objects, includingradio,select,button,text,input,textarea,checkbox,password,hidden,fileandsubmit
  • Conduct form validation.
  • Identify common form security issues.

Address JavaScript security issues involving browsers and cookies.

  • Distinguish between the browser and the operating system in relation to the elements responsible for security.
  • Discuss browser security issues relevant to JavaScript, including script blocking, frame-to-frame URL changing, anddocument.writebehavior differences among browsers.
  • Define signed scripts.
  • Perform client-side browser detection and determine browser compatibility.
  • Identify common issues and procedures for creating secure JavaScript code.
  • Define cross-site scripting and the associated security risks.
  • Define the functions and common uses of cookies.
  • Manipulate cookies effectively, including testing for presence of cookies, clearing cookies, enabling/disabling cookies in the browser, and deleting cookies from your hard drive.
  • Discuss ethics in collecting, storing, using and protecting user data.

Domain 4: JavaScript Technology Extensions

Implement JavaScript libraries and frameworks.

  • Identify and evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of using predefined libraries and frameworks, such as jQuery, Spry, Dojo, React.js, Angular.js and Prototype.
  • Identify steps for using libraries (such as jQuery), frameworks and available plug-ins, including, optimization for faster JavaScript manipulation.
  • Identify steps for loading and referencing external scripts and pre-made external scripts.
  • Identify and evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of Server-side JavaScript technologies.
  • Optimize page load time and user experience on various devices.

Use JavaScript and AJAX to create interactive Web applications.

  • Define synchronous and asynchronous, fundamental AJAX elements, and procedures.
  • Explain the Fetch API, Promises andcallbackfunctions.
  • Use theXMLHttpRequestobject to retrieve data.
  • Describe typical AJAX-based requests.
  • Identify key server response issues related to AJAX-based requests.
  • Use JavaScript to communicate with databases.
  • Identify and compare XML and JSON.

Implementing Web APIs. (New Objectives)

  • Define Web API (Application Programming Interface) and benefits.
  • Identify and use Web APIs, including session storage, local storage, and GEO location.
  • Identify and use the Canvas API.

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